Helsinki Algorithms & Theory


We are researchers who build the foundations of the modern computerized and networked world. We design and implement fast and reliable algorithms. We explore new kinds of computational settings and study the fundamental limitations of what can be computed efficiently.


Helsinki Algorithms & Theory Days · August 29–30, 2024

SWAT 2024 in Helsinki · June 12–14, 2024

HIIT Foundations Friday · monthly, on Fridays at 11.15

Helsinki CS Theory Seminar · weekly, on Wednesdays at 14.00

Helsinki Logic Seminar · weekly, on Wednesdays at 12.00


We are hiring postdocs and research fellows!

3 papers at STOC 2024 — read more here!

5 papers at ICALP 2024 — read more here!

3 papers at SoCG 2024 — read more here!

Organizations & affiliations



Chris Brzuska · Aalto University

cryptography, IT security, verification, complexity theory


Parinya Chalermsook · Aalto University

approximation algorithms, combinatorics, optimization


Corinna Coupette · Aalto University

graph problems, foundations of distributed computing, network science, responsible and data-centric machine learning, computational legal studies


Antti Honkela · University of Helsinki · FCAI

privacy-preserving machine learning, differential privacy, Bayesian machine learning, probabilistic modelling, computational biology and health


Matti Järvisalo · University of Helsinki

automated reasoning, satisfiability, decision procedures, constraint optimization, complexity of reasoning

Tommi Junttila · Aalto University

formal verification, model checking, computational logic


Petteri Kaski · Aalto University

exact and parameterized algorithms, algebraic algorithms, fine-grained complexity, algorithm engineering, combinatorics, classification


Barbara Keller · Aalto University

network analysis, distributed computing, big data analysis


Sandor Kisfaludi-Bak · Aalto University

computational geometry, non-euclidean geometry, geometric optimization problems, algorithms on geometric graphs


Mikko Koivisto · University of Helsinki

algorithm theory, computational statistics, machine learning, artificial intelligence, bioinformatics


Juha Kontinen · University of Helsinki

mathematical logic, logic in computer science, finite model theory


Russell W. F. Lai · Aalto University

cryptography, information theory, zero-knowledge argument systems, decentralised anonymous systems, secret sharing, multichannel source coding


Pekka Orponen · Aalto University

algorithmics of self-organisation, DNA self-assembly, stochastic and online algorithms, computational complexity theory


Alexandru Paler · Aalto University

quantum software, fault-tolerant quantum computing


Jukka Suomela · Aalto University

foundations of distributed and parallel computing, algorithms, computational complexity, computability, digital humanities


Alexandru I. Tomescu · University of Helsinki

bioinformatics, graph problems, flows, string matching, parameterized algorithms, approximation algorithms, computational complexity


Jara Uitto · Aalto University

distributed computing, local algorithms, massively parallel graph algorithms, collaborative graph searching


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